About me

My name is Ulrich "Uli" Herken and I am the founder and principal of Quorad. I have spent over 30 years in medical device research and development, managing pre-clinical and clinical research activities in several start-ups as well as in a corporate environment.

I am a physician by training and worked clinically in emergency medicine, intensive/critical care, and internal medicine. Since then, I held various management positions in medical device companies in the areas of diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound, and acute critical care (monitors and sensors, defibrillators, ventilators). I have worked with US and international researchers on projects ranging from exploratory studies to multi-center clinical trials.

I am passionate about research that supports the development and adoption of new medical technologies. It is challenging to plan research that is appropriate for a new device and I embrace that challenge. Developing research strategies for new (and existing) technologies and making that research happen, but also deciphering perplexing results has been the core of my work.

I was fortunate to gather a lot of experience in the field of medical device development, I want to share that experience and put it to good use.

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