Working with you to make YOUR medical device successful



Analysis of existing research portfolio. Determine strengths, weaknesses and gaps. Interpretation of existing and new research


Development of an appropriate research strategy meeting regulatory, marketing, and funding requirements


Planning research activities to adequately address strategic needs


  • 30 years of domestic and international medical device technology research experience in start-ups and established industry environments

  • Experience with pre-clinical and clinical device research in challenging environments and complex use cases

  • A passion for research and helping new medical devices get to the patient


Quorad is not a contract research organization (CRO). We will collaboratively determine the best path for your research activities to meet your needs.

The work will be project based and you decide the scope of the project. Billing will be by the hour (with an 8 hour minimum). There is no requirement for a long-term commitment.

A typical project will look like this:

  • Review of your existing research portfolio. Think of it as due diligence. We'll look at strengths and weaknesses of your data and potentially critical gaps. (There is no such thing as perfect data.) This includes determining what claims the data can support.

  • Based on the results of the review, we will discuss research strategies to meet your objectives (e.g. fund raising, regulatory approval, post-approval marketing). What should your short-, mid- and long-term activities be? How do those align with what you're currently doing? Are you on the right track?

  • Once we have reached an agreement on the best strategy, we will create a research plan to execute, starting with your immediate needs.

At any point in time, If you don't want to continue the project, you can pause or terminate it.